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    Deputy Registrar Opportunity – Request for Proposals

    Each January, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) issues requests for proposals (RFP) for the selection and appointment of deputy registrars to operate license agencies throughout Ohio.

    • License agencies administer duties related to the issuance of driver licenses, ID cards, vehicle registrations and other services on behalf of the BMV.
    • Deputy registrars are independent contractors selected on a competitive basis.

    Announcements & Schedule

    (Rev: 03/15/21)

    • 2021 Preliminary Scores (Mar. 12, 2021)
      Please note: Deputy Registrar RFP scores are reflective of minimum standards set by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles with regards to operation of a Deputy Registrar Agency and are not the sole determining factor when making Final Contract Awards.

    The following timelines and deadlines will be in effect for this round of proposals.

    January 8, 2021
    • Release of this RFP; beginning date of solicitation of proposals.
    • The RFP email inquiry system will begin operation.
    February 5, 2021
    • NO LATER THAN 4:00 P.M.: Proposals must be received by BMV-Registrar's Office at 1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223, no later than 4:00 p.m. "Received" means actually received; postmark dates are not sufficient. Facsimile (FAX) and email transmissions are not accepted.
    March 12, 2021
    April 2, 2021
    • NO LATER THAN 4:00 P.M.: Written Response and Comments, if submitted, must be received by BMV-Registrar's Office at 1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223. "Received" means actually received; postmark dates are not sufficient. Facsimile (FAX) and email transmissions are not accepted.
    April 16, 2021
    • 5:00 P.M.: The tentative contract awards will be announced and posted on the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Internet site at:
    June 11, 2021
    • The proposer shall provide written preliminary information displaying proof of depository account and sufficient bond coverage.
    June 21, 2021
    • The proposer:
      • shall have the site properly configured and prepared for inspection by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
      • shall have a proper depository established to deposit the daily collections.
      • shall have employees hired and trained.
    June 28, 2021
    • 8:00 A.M.: Agency must open for business.
      • The proposer shall have sufficient coverage to insure against potential losses.
      • All requirements of the contract shall be in place.

    Minority Business Enterprise (MBE): The Ohio BMV supports and is a proponent of MBE businesses. All deputy registrar locations are available for MBE certified proposers to submit application for. MBE certified proposers must include all applicable documentation when submitting their proposal for a location. The MBE Certified Document is available with the other required RFP documents. Information on how to become an MBE certified business can also be found within the RFP.

    Documents & Forms

    Ordering Copies of Proposals

    You may request a copy of any proposal by email. For more information send an email to

    1. Provide us with your name, telephone number, and email address (if applicable);
    2. Supply the County, City, Location Number, and Proposer Name (if known);
    3. Indicate whether proposal(s) will be emailed to you or if you want to schedule an appointment to review proposal(s) at BMV headquarters in Columbus;
    4. If the proposal(s) are being emailed, please provide your name, telephone number, and a valid and verified email address;
    5. All requests for picking up proposals and for scheduling appointments must be confirmed by BMV Research staff in advance.
    Any proposal(s) transmitted by email shall not exceed file size limitations established by your email provider and shall not exceed size limitations established within the Ohio Department of Administrative Services Information Technology policies.

    Available Deputy Registrar License Agency Locations
    & Agency Specifications (Rev: 01/08/21)


    • BMV Site: "BMV Controlled Site" is one in which the BMV will designate the exact site where the deputy registrar agency will be located. The BMV will arrange a master lease for the site.
    • Deputy Site: A "Deputy Provided Site" is one in which the successful proposer will be required to provide, through lease or ownership, the site where the deputy registrar agency will be operated.

    2021 Available Locations & Agency Specifications

    The list of available locations is tentative and may be amended at any time. Please check this site periodically for the most current list of available locations.

    Loc. No. County City Address Site Type
    01-A Adams West Union 33 Logans lane, POB 172 Deputy Site
    02-A Allen Lima 419 N Elizabeth St., Suite B BMV Site
    03-A Ashland Ashland 1070 Commerce Parkway Deputy Site
    07-B Belmont Barnesville 130 W Main St. Deputy Site
    09-C Butler Fairfield 530 Wessel Dr., Suite L BMV Site
    12-B Clark New Carlisle 430 N Main St., Suite 1 Deputy Site
    15-A Columbiana Salem 200 E 2nd St., Suite B Deputy Site
    25-E Franklin Columbus 4503 Kenny Rd. Deputy Site
    25-G Franklin Gahanna 415 Agler Rd. Deputy Site
    26-A Fulton Wauseon 152 S Fulton St., Suite 105 BMV Site
    30-A Guernsey Cambridge 224 Dewey Ave., Suite 2 BMV Site
    31-C Hamilton Cincinnati 7743 5 Mile Rd. Deputy Site
    44-B Lawrence Proctorville 402 Trent St. Deputy Site
    48-E Lucas Toledo 1600 Madison Ave., Suite 1 BMV Site
    50-E Mahoning Youngstown 2950 Mahoning Ave. Deputy Site
    50-A Mahoning Youngstown 3623 Market St. Deputy Site
    58-A Morgan McConnelsville 4676 N State Route 60 NW Deputy Site
    65-A Pickaway Circleville 141 W Main St., Suite 200 BMV Site
    66-A Pike Waverly 230 Waverly Plaza, Suite 1200 BMV Site
    70-A Richland Mansfield 15-17 Temple Court Deputy Site
    74-A Seneca Tiffin 457 E Market St. Deputy Site
    76-F Stark Massillon 1972 Wales Rd. NE, Suite 1 BMV Site
    76-A Stark Alliance 513 E Main St. BMV Site
    76-B Stark Canton 907 30th St. NE Deputy Site
    77-E Summit Akron 1030 E Tallmadge Ave., Suite 4 BMV Site
    84-A Washington Marietta 142 Gross St., Suite B BMV Site
    85-B Wayne Orrville 1430 W High St., Suite 3 Deputy Site

    How to Become a Deputy Registrar

    The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) issues requests for proposals (RFP) for the selection and appointment of Deputy Registrars to operate license agencies throughout Ohio. RFP packets are generally released in January of each year. License agencies issues vehicle registrations, arrange for the issuance of driver licenses/identification cards, and provide other services on behalf of the BMV.

    Deputy Registrars are independent contractors and are selected on a competitive basis as described in the Ohio Administrative Code and RFP. Deputy Registrars receive service fees of:

    • $5.00 for vehicle registrations, driver licenses, identification cards, and other driver and motor vehicle related transactions;
    • $0.90 for each vision screening performed; and
    • $8.00 for driver's license reinstatement fee payments.

    All fees are established in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. The contract term is generally five years, unless the registrar determines that a shorter contract term is appropriate for a particular deputy registrar.

    The proposer must apply as an individual, a nonprofit corporation, county clerk of courts, or a county auditor. The Registrar may appoint county auditors and eligible clerk of courts without using a competitive selection process. However, the Registrar may also require county auditors and eligible clerk of courts to participate in the competitive selection process. Partnerships, corporations, and other business associations are not eligible. Certain others are not eligible (such as employees of the State of Ohio) and are listed in the RFP.

    No person will be awarded a contract because that person pays an assessment to or makes a contribution to any political party, the Governor or his campaign committee, or any candidate for public office. An affidavit must be signed by all proposers stating that he/she has not contributed more than $100.00 to any prohibited political officeholder (complete details are contained in the RFP).

    The Ohio BMV is looking for proposals that offer the best service to the citizens of Ohio. We welcome your interest in serving the Ohio motoring public.

    The Ohio BMV supports and is a proponent of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) businesses. As such, all deputy registrar locations are available for MBE certified proposers to submit application for. MBE certified proposers must include all applicable documentation when submitting their proposal for a location. The MBE Certified Document is available along with all other required RFP documents. Additional information on how to become an MBE certified business can also be found within the RFP.

    Agency rent and site improvement is the responsibility of the Deputy Registrar. Some sites are under the control of the BMV, Ohio Department of Public Safety or a county (usually in conjunction with a clerk of courts title office) and are called BMV controlled-site locations. Minimal site improvements are involved with controlled site locations.

    There are also deputy-provided sites where the successful proposer is required to provide, through lease or ownership, the site where the Deputy Registrar agency will be operated. In general, there are minimum site criteria including square footage, counter specifications, accessibility to individuals with disabilities and parking which must be addressed and are explained in the RFP.

    Some locations are designated for one-stop shopping and are subject to additional requirements and may include subleasing space to a driver license examination station, a clerk of courts, or both.

    The proposer must have verifiable funds in a financial institution account to cover site preparation costs, agency rental payments for three months and one month's personnel costs. The BMV supplies necessary computer terminals and inventory on a consignment basis.

    As part of the proposal, each proposer must submit completed documents as described in the RFP packet. Presently, these documents include:

    • Personal Checklist
    • Personal Questionnaire
    • Business and Employment Experience
    • Customer Service Experience
    • Start-Up Cost Deposit Statement
    • Political Contributions Report
    • Personnel Policy Summary
    • Comprehensive Personnel Policy
    • Security Plan Summary
    • Facility Maintenance Plan Summary
    • Involved and Invested in Your Business
    • Credit Report
    • Local Law Enforcement Report, or Certification of Good Standing as a Nonprofit Corporation
    • BCII & FBI WebCheck Criminal Reports (or Articles of incorporation for Nonprofit Corporations)
    • Affidavit of Deputy Registrar Proposer (individual, county auditor, or nonprofit corporation)
    • Operational Checklist
    • Signed Deputy Registrar Contract
    • Appointment of Agency Managers
    • Experienced Employees Summary
    • Staffing and Personnel Costs Calculation
    • Start-up Cost Calculations
    For Some Locations
    • Deputy Provided Site Checklist
    • Site Questionnaire
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Checklist
    • Lease Option
    • Proximity Attachment (if applicable)
    • Site Plan
    • Counter Plan
    • Site Map
    • Other forms as required for individual locations

    Deputy Registrar RFP Email Inquiry System

    Ask a Question

    Questions asked on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be answered the next business day.

    All “Deputy Provided Site” proposers (which includes incumbent deputy registrars) must submit Form 5.3 (Valid Lease Option) along with all other required documents/forms. Both the 2021 Deputy Registrar RFP document and 2021 Site Forms Packet have been updated to reflect this information.

    Questions & Answers

    Question #1 Are the “Total Transactions” a reflection of calendar year 2020?

    Answer #1 Transaction numbers listed within the “Agency Specifications” are for calendar year 2019, which provides a more accurate assessment of approximate transactions, irrespective of the Covid-19 pandemic which included mandatory shutdowns, expiration extensions, and other factors that impacted deputy registrar operations/business.

    Question #2 I will be moving within the month, should I use my current address or new address in the bid packet?

    Answer #2 List the residential address as of the date of contract commencement (June 27, 2021). Per Ohio Revised Code (ORC), a deputy registrar must have a permanent residence within a 1-hour drive of their respective agency.

    Question #3 If I am a current deputy registrar bidding on a 2nd location that is a deputy provided site and is currently in operation, is the entire Site Forms packet required?

    Answer #3 In this situation a proposer would be required to submit form 5.0 (Checklist), page 1 of form 5.1 (Site Questionnaire), and form 5.3 (Lease Option).

    Question #4 Deputy location 15-A is listed as a “Deputy Provided” site but the “Agency Specifications” do not contain a geographic area sheet, where do I obtain this form?

    Answer #4 Please reference #7 on page 2 which outlines the geographical area for that particular location. Specifically, location 15-A must be located in Columbiana County and within the municipal corporation limits of Salem.

    Question #5 Are complete credit reports that contain all three credit scores acceptable for this RFP?

    Answer #5 Per the RFP instructions, 3 in 1 credit reports are acceptable.

    Question #6 I am a current deputy registrar of two agencies. My second agency was just acquired in June 2020. I had a BCI check done on 5/27/2020 for my second location, do I still need an FBI/BCI background check for this RFP?

    Answer #6 Submitting a proposal to become a deputy registrar, per the 2021 RFP, requires the submission of a 2021 BCI/FBI background check. Please request a receipt and include the original receipt or a copy with your proposal in the case your results are not received in time.

    Question #7 Could you please explain which packet is due February 5th? Are we submitting Site Forms if the site is already established?

    Answer #7 All packets are required to be completed and submitted in their entirety. This includes the Operational, Personal, and Site Forms packets. With regards to the Site Forms packet, follow the instructions closely as they outline exactly what needs submitted when bidding on a Deputy Provided location that is already in operation.

    Question #8 Is a complete credit report from Experian with a FICO credit score acceptable? It lists my name, information, and all current/revolving accounts. They states this is how they come now with the FICO credit score.

    Answer #8 Per the RFP instructions: A credit report dated during calendar year 2021 covering the proposer's current credit status must be submitted with your proposal. Credit reports must be complete and shall include a credit score supplied by one of the recognized score providers such as: VantageScore, PLUS, Risk Score, or Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) and shall be supplied by, at minimum, one of the three major credit-reporting agencies: Equifax, Experian, or TransUnion. Three-in-one credit reports will be accepted. Credit reports downloaded from the Internet are also acceptable. Summary credit reports are NOT acceptable.

    From the information provided, this credit report would fit the criteria outlined above.

    Question #9 Is a separate professional resume required in addition to the employment, management, supervisory, and business experience pages (3.2A, 3.2B, 3.2C)?

    Answer #9 Yes, a professional resume is to be submitted along with all other required RFP documents.

    Question #10 Is it no longer required to submit a Personnel Policy, Security Plan, and Facility Maintenance Plan with your proposal? Would we lose points if we did submit a plan or policy with our proposal?

    Answer #10 Submitting an actual policy or plan is no longer an RFP requirement. Instead, proposers are asked to answer (YES/NO) if the will provide and/or adhere to requirements for each particular policy or plan established by the BMV.

    Question #11 Does the professional resume get submitted directly after page 6 of Form 3.1 of the Personal Forms Packet?

    Answer #11 Yes, the professional resume should be included immediately after page 6 of Form 3.1 of the Personal Forms Packet.

    Question #12 Does the pre-approval statement for $25,000 bond need to have an original ink signature on it when submitted? Or, can it be one that is completed and signed by the insurance company and then emailed to the proposer for submission?

    Answer #12 All proposers, including incumbent deputy registrars proposing, are required to provide as part of their proposal a statement disclosing pre-approval status for a bong in the amount of $25,000.00 from a reputable and verifiable bonding or insurance company. So long as the bond pre-approval is from a reputable and verifiable bonding or insurance company, an electronic (emailed, printed and submitted) version will suffice.

    Question #13 My bank stated they are no longer permitted to sign documents to verify funds on deposit at local branches. Instead, they are required to submit necessary forms to corporate who in return faxes completed forms back. In this situation, is a faxed copy of form 3.4 acceptable?

    Answer #13 It is preferred to have either a signed or stamped verification of funds on deposit, whenever possible. In this situation, a faxed copy is acceptable.

    Question #14 As an incumbent DR in a BMV provided site, do I need to turn in any type of lease/rental agreement?

    Answer #14 Proposals submitted for BMV provided locations, whether an incumbent or not, do not require submission of any Site Forms, which includes a valid lease option.

    Question #15 As an incumbent deputy registrar, do I need to submit sketches showing plexiglass and other agency makeup measures taken to mitigate Covid-19 risk?

    Answer #15 Any agency modification regarding Covid-19 risk mitigation does NOT need to be factored in when completing the Site Forms packet.

    Question #16 What is the code for BCI and FBI background checks?

    Answer #16 The code used for the FBI webcheck is “Real ID Act” and the code to be used for the BCI webcheck is “Deputy Registrar Contract Application.” If necessary, the clerk can select “Other” as the code and add a note listing the above information.

    Question #17 Section 3.4 states it is not valid without an official stamp of the financial institution and the teller’s signature but the manager of the bank I use is telling me they no longer have/use teller or bank stamps. Can I have the bank notarize form 3.4 in lieu of the teller or bank stamp?

    Answer #17 Having the bank notarize form 3.4 in lieu of a bank or teller stamp will be acceptable for certification of sufficient funds on deposit.

    Question #18 If I am an incumbent deputy registrar, can lease agreement option be emailed? The property owner no longer keeps regular hours and is regularly out of town and may not be able to complete an original in time for proposal submission.

    Answer #18 Due to current circumstances emailed lease options will suffice. Please note, verification of submitted lease options will be conducted by BMV personnel.

    Question #19 Do I need to include extremely old work experience, such as positions held in 1984?

    Answer #19 Anything prior to 1990 does not need listed unless it was a job/position started prior to 1990 that you were still employed in after 1990. In that case, the position/job may be listed.

    Question #20 Do we not include forms such as 3.2(C) in our bid packets if they do not apply, or should we include them but left blank?

    Answer #20 They can be included with your submission but left blank.

    Question #21 If we use FedEx or UPS to send proposals, is the loading dock where they should be delivered?

    Answer #21 Yes, they should be delivered to the loading dock of the Shipley Building. Detailed instructions can be found at the beginning of the 2021 RFP Packet.

    Question #22 Do I turn in packets in person or is there a fax number or email address they can be sent to?

    Answer #22 Packets can be submitted in person or via mail. The 2021 RFP Packet contains detailed information on RFP submission.

    Question #23 For a Deputy Provided Site, if I am an incumbent deputy registrar proposing the same location without any changes, do I need to submit Section 5 and one copy in a separate package?

    Answer #23 Per the Site forms packet instructions, incumbent deputy registrars applying for contracts at existing license agency locations designated as Deputy Provides sites are not required to complete and submit all Section 5 forms if the site was approved under the previous RFP and if there have been no changes to the site since the last contract was approved and signed. Under this license agency site provision, page one (1) of the 5.1 Site Questionnaire form and form 5.3 Lease Option must be completed and submitted. Submission of Site forms should be in their own respective envelope with one original and one copy.