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    Deputy Registrar Opportunity – Request for Proposals

    Each January, the Ohio BMV issues requests for proposals (RFP) for the selection and appointment of deputy registrars to operate license agencies in Ohio.

    • Deputy registrars are independent contractors selected on a competitive basis.
    • License agencies administer duties related to the issuance of driver licenses, ID cards, vehicle registrations and other services on behalf of the BMV.

    (Rev: 04/15/24)

    2024 Deputy Registrar Tentative Contract Decisions (04/15/24)

    2024 Preliminary Scores (3/08/24)



    Loc. No. Proposal No. County
    Address Proposed Proposer Name
    02-B 24061 Allen Lima 2302 Harding Highway Jody Wireman
    15-A   Columbiana Salem 200 East 2nd St., Suite B Submission Deadline 2/29/2024
    17-A 24004 Crawford Bucyrus BMV Site Ganeen Hult
    18-B 24019 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights BMV Site Weichih Lee
    18-B 24025 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights BMV Site Mahmoud Aboumerhi
    18-B 24049 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights BMV Site Cheyenne Furlong
    18-B 24053 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights BMV Site Thomas Vorell
    18-B 24055 Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights BMV Site Alfred Mason
    18-E 24056 Cuyahoga Cleveland 2765 East 55th St., Suite 4 Alfred Mason
    18-E 24059 Cuyahoga Cleveland 2765 East 55th St., Suite 4 OluDipe Oresanya
    18-J 24020 Cuyahoga Parma BMV Site Weichih Lee
    18-J 24038 Cuyahoga Parma BMV Site William Predovich
    18-P 24008 Cuyahoga Strongsville 12218 Pearl Rd. Mary Wilson
    23-B 24015 Fairfield Pickerington BMV Site Elliot Sarnowski
    23-B 24033 Fairfield Pickerington BMV Site Winfield O’Neal
    25-I 24029 Franklin Grove City 3040 Southwest Blvd. Allen Carpenter
    25-I 24034 Franklin Grove City 3040 Southwest Blvd. Winfield O’Neal
    25-I 24037 Franklin Grove City 3040 Southwest Blvd. John Kougendakis
    25-I 24066 Franklin Grove City 3040 Southwest Blvd. Thomas Wilson
    25-L 24012 Franklin Columbus BMV Site Megan Ulmer-Nead
    28-A 24005 Geauga Chardon BMV Site Yvonne Rosboril
    28-A 24021 Geauga Chardon BMV Site Weichih Lee
    28-A 24026 Geauga Chardon BMV Site Mahmoud Aboumerhi
    28-A 24050 Geauga Chardon BMV Site Cheyenne Furlong
    28-A 24057 Geauga Chardon BMV Site Alfred Mason
    31-A 24018 Hamilton Cincinnati 1015 Main St. Greater Cincinnati Auto Dealers
    31-D 24002 Hamilton Cincinnati 3372 Red Bank Rd. Abigail Guard
    31-J 24001 Hamilton Cincinnati 3461 Warsaw Ave. Barbara Brockman
    31-K 24014 Hamilton Seven Hills BMV Site Tom Wiles
    33-A 24007 Hardin Kenton BMV Site Kimberly Scott
    43-A 24009 Lake Painesville BMV Site Lora Ruiz
    43-A 24022 Lake Painesville BMV Site Weichih Lee
    43-A 24027 Lake Painesville BMV Site Mahmoud Aboumerhi
    43-B 24060 Lake Wickliffe BMV Site OluDipe Oresanya
    43-B 24063 Lake Wickliffe BMV Site Elizabeth Oresanya
    43-C 24023 Lake Mentor BMV Site Weichih Lee
    43-C 24028 Lake Mentor BMV Site Mahmoud Aboumerhi
    43-C 24051 Lake Mentor BMV Site Cheyenne Furlong
    43-C 24064 Lake Mentor BMV Site Elizabeth Oresanya
    45-A 24039 Licking Newark BMV Site Dottie Schirtzinger
    45-A 24048 Licking Newark BMV Site Geoffrey Hiler
    45-C 24016 Licking Pataskala BMV Site Elliott Sarnowski
    45-C 24035 Licking Pataskala BMV Site Winfield O’Neal
    45-C 24040 Licking Pataskala BMV Site Dottie Schirtzinger
    45-C 24069 Licking Pataskala BMV Site Steve Oliver
    47-E 24042 Lorain Lorain 4340 Leavitt Rd., Unit K Kathleen Roesch
    47-E 24047 Lorain Lorain 4340 Leavitt Rd., Unit K Michael Roesch
    48-A 24041 Lucas Sylvania 4900 N McCord Rd., Suite F1 Kari Vaculik
    48-A 24043 Lucas Sylvania 4900 N McCord Rd., Suite F1 Matt Douglas
    50-B 24006 Mahoning Youngstown 667 Gypsy Lane, Unit B Robin Campbell
    50-B 24068 Mahoning Youngstown 667 Gypsy Lane, Unit B Ronald Shadd
    51-A 24011 Marion Marion BMV Site Christine Eller
    51-A 24062 Marion Marion BMV Site Amanda Grubb
    54-A 24013 Mercer Celina BMV Site Justin Snyder
    57-G 24052 Montgomery Moraine 5582 North Springboro Pike Treylin Gumbert
    57-G 24054 Montgomery Moraine 5582 North Springboro Pike Jon Dagenbach
    57-G 24058 Montgomery Moraine 5582 North Springboro Pike Brian Manley
    70-A 24031 Richland Mansfield 15-17 East Temple Ct. Richland Carrousel Park Inc.
    70-A 24044 Richland Mansfield 2281 W Fourth St. Matt Douglas
    70-A 24045 Richland Mansfield 2004 W Fourth St. Matt Douglas
    71-A 24003 Ross Chillicothe BMV Site Ronald Nichols
    71-A 24032 Ross Chillicothe BMV Site Renee Gibbs
    71-A 24036 Ross Chillicothe BMV Site Georgia Draise
    74-A 24046 Seneca Tiffin 451 E Market St. Matt Douglas
    74-A 24067 Seneca Tiffin 457 East Market St. Timothy Nagy
    77-B 24017 Summit Cuyahoga Falls BMV Site Robert Teodosio
    77-B 24024 Summit Cuyahoga Falls BMV Site Weichih Lee
    77-B 24065 Summit Cuyahoga Falls BMV Site Elizabeth Oresanya
    78-B 24030 Trumbull Warren 2027 Elm Rd. NE Steffanie Bishop
    80-A 24010 Union Marysville BMV Site Christine Eller

    2024 Deputy Registrar RFP (01/05/24)

    2024 RFP Schedule

    The following timelines and deadlines will be in effect for this round of proposals.

    January 5, 2024
    • Release of this RFP; beginning date of solicitation of proposals.
    • The RFP email inquiry system will begin operation.
    February 2, 2024
    • NO LATER THAN 4:00 P.M.: Proposals must be received by BMV-Registrar's Office no later than 4:00 p.m. "Received" means actually received via the RFP email address:
    March 8, 2024
    March 29, 2024
    • NO LATER THAN 4:00 P.M.: Written Response and Comments, if submitted, must be received by BMV-Registrar's Office. "Received" means actually received via the RFP email address:
    April 12, 2024
    • 5:00 P.M.: The tentative contract awards will be announced and posted on the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Internet site at:
    June 7, 2024
    • The proposer shall provide written preliminary information displaying proof of depository account and sufficient bond coverage.
    June 17, 2024
    • The proposer:
      • shall have the site properly configured and prepared for inspection by the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.
      • shall have a proper depository established to deposit the daily collections.
      • shall have employees hired and trained.
    July 1, 2024
    • 8:00 A.M.: Agency must open for business.
      • The proposer shall have sufficient coverage to insure against potential losses.
      • All requirements of the contract shall be in place.

    Documents & Forms

    Ordering Copies of Proposals

    You may request a copy of any proposal by email. For more information, send an email to

    1. Provide us with your name, telephone number, and email address ;
    2. Supply the County, City, Location Number, and Proposer Name (if known);
    3. All requests for proposals will be transmitted electronically via email.
    Email attachments shall not exceed file size limitations established by your email provider and shall not exceed size limitations established within the Ohio Department of Administrative Services Information Technology policies.

    Available Deputy Registrar License Agency Locations
    & Agency Specifications (Rev: 01/31/24)


    • BMV Site: "BMV Controlled Site" is one in which the BMV will designate the exact site where the deputy registrar agency will be located. The BMV will arrange a master lease for the site.
    • Deputy Site: A "Deputy Provided Site" is one in which the successful proposer will be required to provide, through lease or ownership, the site where the deputy registrar agency will be operated.

    Available Locations & Agency Specifications

    Location 15-A in Columbiana County has been added to the list of available locations for the 2024 Deputy Registrar RFP. The deadline for proposal submission for location 15-A is 4:00pm, Thursday, February 29, 2024.

    This deadline ONLY applies to location 15-A, all other location proposals must be submitted by 4:00pm, Friday, February 2, 2024. All other RFP schedule items and timelines remain unchanged.

    Loc. No. County City Address Zip Code Site Type
    02-B Allen Lima 2302 Harding Highway 45804 Deputy Site
    15-A Columbiana Salem 200 East 2nd St., Suite B 44460 Deputy Site
    17-A Crawford Bucyrus 1653 Marion Rd. 44820 BMV Site
    18-J Cuyahoga Parma 12000 Snow Rd., Suite 12 44130 BMV Site
    18-P Cuyahoga Strongsville 12218 Pearl Rd. 44136 Deputy Site
    18-E Cuyahoga Cleveland 2765 East 55th St., Suite 4 44104 Deputy Site
    18-B Cuyahoga Mayfield Heights 1593 Golden Gate Plaza 44124 BMV Site
    23-B Fairfield Pickerington 12943 Stonecreek Drive 43147 BMV Site
    25-L Franklin Columbus 1583 Alum Creek Dr. 43209 BMV Site
    25-I Franklin Grove City 3040 Southwest Blvd. 43123 Deputy Site
    28-A Geauga Chardon 12611 Ravenwood Dr., Suite 120 44024 BMV Site
    31-K Hamilton Seven Hills 10948 Hamilton Ave. 45231 BMV Site
    31-A Hamilton Cincinnati 138 East Court St., Room 100 45202 Deputy Site
    31-D Hamilton Cincinnati 3372 Red Bank Rd. 45227 Deputy Site
    31-J Hamilton Cincinnati 3461 Warsaw Ave. 45205 Deputy Site
    33-A Hardin Kenton 1021 West Lima St., Suite 101 43326 BMV Site
    43-A Lake Painesville 2736 North Ridge Rd., Suite 7 44077 BMV Site
    43-B Lake Wickliffe 30170 Euclid Ave. 44092 BMV Site
    43-C Lake Mentor 8830 Mentor Ave. 44060 BMV Site
    45-C Licking Pataskala 318 Township Rd. 43062 BMV Site
    45-A Licking Newark 875 East Main St. 43055 BMV Site
    47-E Lorain Lorain 4340 Leavitt Rd., Unit K 44053 Deputy Site
    48-A Lucas Sylvania 4900 North McCord Rd., Suite F1 43560 Deputy Site
    50-B Mahoning Youngstown 667 Gypsy Lane, Unit B 44505 Deputy Site
    51-A Marion Marion 222 West Center St., Room 1123 43302 BMV Site
    54-A Mercer Celina 320 Portland St. 45822 BMV Site
    57-G Montgomery Moraine 5582 North Springboro Pike 45449 Deputy Site
    70-A Richland Mansfield 15-17 East Temple Ct. 44902 Deputy Site
    71-A Ross Chillicothe 475 Western Ave., Suite N 45601 BMV Site
    74-A Seneca Tiffin 457 East Market St. 44883 Deputy Site
    77-B Summit Cuyahoga Falls 650 Graham Rd., Suite 100B 44221 BMV Site
    77-D Summit Akron 688 Wolf Ledges Parkway 44311 Deputy Site
    78-B Trumbull Warren 2027 Elm Rd. NE 44483 Deputy Site
    80-A Union Marysville 940 London Ave., Suite 1200 43040 BMV Site

    How to Become a Deputy Registrar

    The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) issues requests for proposals (RFP) for the selection and appointment of Deputy Registrars to operate license agencies throughout Ohio. RFP packets are generally released in January of each year. License agencies issues vehicle registrations, arrange for the issuance of driver licenses/identification cards, and provide other services on behalf of the BMV.

    Deputy Registrars are independent contractors and are selected on a competitive basis as described in the Ohio Administrative Code and RFP. Deputy Registrars receive service fees of:

    • $5.00 for vehicle registrations, driver licenses, identification cards, and other driver and motor vehicle related transactions;
    • $0.90 for each vision screening performed; and
    • $8.00 for driver's license reinstatement fee payments.

    All fees are established in accordance with the Ohio Revised Code. The contract term is generally five years, unless the registrar determines that a shorter contract term is appropriate for a particular deputy registrar.

    The proposer must apply as an individual, a nonprofit corporation, county clerk of courts, or a county auditor. The Registrar may appoint county auditors and eligible clerk of courts without using a competitive selection process. However, the Registrar may also require county auditors and eligible clerk of courts to participate in the competitive selection process. Partnerships, corporations, and other business associations are not eligible. Certain others are not eligible (such as employees of the State of Ohio) and are listed in the RFP.

    No person will be awarded a contract because that person pays an assessment to or makes a contribution to any political party, the Governor or his campaign committee, or any candidate for public office. An affidavit must be signed by all proposers stating that he/she has not contributed more than $100.00 to any prohibited political officeholder (complete details are contained in the RFP).

    The Ohio BMV is looking for proposals that offer the best service to the citizens of Ohio. We welcome your interest in serving the Ohio motoring public.

    The Ohio BMV supports and is a proponent of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) businesses. As such, all deputy registrar locations are available for MBE certified proposers to submit application for. MBE certified proposers must include all applicable documentation when submitting their proposal for a location. The MBE Certified Document is available along with all other required RFP documents. Additional information on how to become an MBE certified business can also be found within the RFP.

    Agency rent and site improvement is the responsibility of the Deputy Registrar. Some sites are under the control of the BMV, Ohio Department of Public Safety or a county (usually in conjunction with a clerk of courts title office) and are called BMV controlled-site locations. Minimal site improvements are involved with controlled site locations.

    There are also deputy-provided sites where the successful proposer is required to provide, through lease or ownership, the site where the Deputy Registrar agency will be operated. In general, there are minimum site criteria including square footage, counter specifications, accessibility to individuals with disabilities and parking which must be addressed and are explained in the RFP.

    Some locations are designated for one-stop shopping and are subject to additional requirements and may include subleasing space to a driver license examination station, a clerk of courts, or both.

    The proposer must have verifiable funds in a financial institution account to cover site preparation costs, agency rental payments for three months and one month's personnel costs. The BMV supplies necessary computer terminals and inventory on a consignment basis.

    As part of the proposal, each proposer must submit completed documents as described in the RFP packet. Presently, these documents include:

    • Personal Checklist
    • Personal Questionnaire
    • Business and Employment Experience
    • Customer Service Experience
    • Start-Up Cost Deposit Statement
    • Political Contributions Report
    • Personnel Policy Summary
    • Comprehensive Personnel Policy
    • Security Plan Summary
    • Facility Maintenance Plan Summary
    • Involved and Invested in Your Business
    • Credit Report
    • Local Law Enforcement Report, or Certification of Good Standing as a Nonprofit Corporation
    • BCII & FBI WebCheck Criminal Reports (or Articles of incorporation for Nonprofit Corporations)
    • Affidavit of Deputy Registrar Proposer (individual, county auditor, or nonprofit corporation)
    • Operational Checklist
    • Signed Deputy Registrar Contract
    • Appointment of Agency Managers
    • Experienced Employees Summary
    • Staffing and Personnel Costs Calculation
    • Start-up Cost Calculations
    For Some Locations
    • Deputy Provided Site Checklist
    • Site Questionnaire
    • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Checklist
    • Lease Option
    • Proximity Attachment (if applicable)
    • Site Plan
    • Counter Plan
    • Site Map
    • Other forms as required for individual locations

    Deputy Registrar RFP Email Inquiry System

    Ask a Question

    Questions asked on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be answered the next business day.

    All “Deputy Provided Site” proposers (which includes incumbent deputy registrars) must submit Form 5.3 (Valid Lease Option) along with all other required documents/forms.

    Questions & Answers

    Question #1: Doe we need to sign all required areas? For example, deputy contract, proposer signature, and notary signature?

    Answer #1: Yes, all applicable areas requesting a signature must be completed.

    Question #2: With the bank fund page which states the bank teller needs to sign and stamp it. Do we need to print it out, get signature and scan and email to BMV?

    Answer #2: The form must be signed and stamped by the bank teller certifying there are sufficient funds on deposit. The form should be printed and provided for completion and then scanned and uploaded as part of your final proposal submission.

    Question #3: For the credit report, do you need all 60 pages or just the first few summary pages?

    Answer #3: Yes, the credit report shall be submitted in its entirety which must also include the credit score.

    Question #4: I would like to apply to become a deputy registrar. This is my first experience and was hoping you could guide me in what I need to submit.

    Answer #4: This is a link to the website where all applicable forms and information for the 2024 Deputy Registrar RFP can be found (select "Documents and Forms"). Instructions and form clarification can be found both in the form’s packets and the 2024 Deputy Registrar RFP document which is also available by following the link below.

    Question #5: I would like to know if I have to get both BCII and FBI checked if I’ve been a Deputy for 20 years and have gotten FBI checked for Real ID. Also, what is the reasons to get the fingerprinting done for both BCII and FBI.

    Answer #5: Submitting a proposal to become a deputy registrar, per the 2024 RFP, requires the submission of a 2024 BCI/FBI background check. Please request a receipt and include the original receipt or a copy with your proposal in the case your results are not received in time.

    Question #6: Why was a particular location not put out for bid?

    Answer#6:The BMV is regularly and routinely assessing agency operations throughout the state. Many factors are considered when determining the viability of a particular location. One major contributing factor, although many are taken into consideration, is the statutory fee structure for transactions processed compared to overhead costs associated with operating a particular agency. The decision to not rebid a location is reached through much discussion and evaluation. These decisions are not taken lightly and are ultimately for the betterment and preservation of the deputy registrar model.

    Question #7: What reason code do I use when getting the fingerprints?

    Answer #7: The code that should be used for the FBI webcheck is “Real ID” and the code to be used for the BCI webcheck is “Deputy Registrar Contract Application.”

    Question #8: RFP section 5. If proposing an existing site previously approved, I understand the forms that are required. But the forms that say leave blank, do we still submit the forms as blank, or just leave out?

    Answer #8: You can omit them from your submission altogether. It is important however to ensure all required forms are completed and submitted along with the rest of your proposal.

    Question #9: Question about Form 3.4 Startup funds on Deposit.  I have been to multiple Chase Bank Branches and they are telling me they can no longer sign and stamp documents.  They offered to print out an account summary form would that be sufficient?

    Answer #9: In the event you are unable to receive a bank teller stamp and signature, a printed account summary obtained at a banking institution from a branch employee would be acceptable.

    Question #10: Do you need prior deputy registrar agency experience to be awarded a contract?

    Answer #10: Prior deputy registrar experience is certainly favorable but NOT a requirement when submitting a proposal. If a proposer doesn’t have prior agency experience, business ownership and business management are desired prerequisites.

    Question #11: When proposing on a second location (already a deputy registrar), how do I notate in forms 4.2 and 4.3 my intentions of using existing agency staff if awarded a contract? Also, does a letter from a bonding agency suffice for pre-approval?

    Answer #11: A statement of your intentions to utilize current staff along with the hiring of existing staff, if awarded a contract, will suffice. Additionally, it is acceptable to submit a letter from your bond provider showing their intent to issue a bond, for the specified amount, if awarded a contract.

    Question #12: In section 4.3 Staffing Calculation, you show a projected hourly rate for experienced and new employees, should this be shown as an average of current employee rates or a minimum rate that employees will be paid?

    Answer #12: For Form 4.3, Staffing and Personnel Calculation, you should list what your minimum projected hourly rate is going to be for each position (manager, assistant manager, experienced employees, and new hires) listed.

    Question #13: Will having filed for bankruptcy impact my bid for an agency?

    Answer #13: An unfavorable credit report is not a disqualifier when evaluating proposals. Negative items which include but are not limited to charge-offs, collections, bankruptcy, delinquencies, etc. are evaluated and scored during the review process and factored into the overall proposal score.

    Question #14: If I answer “No” to question #5 of the Site Forms packet, I can proceed to 5.3 and not fill out the rest of 5.1 or 5.2?

    Answer #14: Proposers applying for contracts at existing license agency locations designated as Deputy Provided Sites are not required to complete and submit all Section 5 forms if the site was approved under a previous RFP and if there have been no changes to the site since the last contract was approved and signed. Under this license agency site provision, form 5.0, page one (1) of form 5.1, and form 5.3 must be completed and submitted with all other required forms and documents.

    Question #15: Does completing Personal Forms 3.2A-C for previous experience qualify as the resume or should a separate resume also be included? Also, is the question regarding development of a comprehensive business plan position specific?

    Answer #15: A professional resume is to be submitted in addition to completion of all applicable RFP forms. Additionally, Question #5 on Form 3.2(A) and 3.2(B) should be answered for the specific ownership/management position referenced.

    Question #16: Form 5.3 Lease option is required to be completed. What steps should be taken if the current landlord/owner of the facility is not available after multiple attempts to be reached?

    Answer #16: To ensure continuity of operations, it is desired that a lease option is obtained at the existing agency location. That being said, if a proposer is unable to obtain a lease option at the existing location, a new location shall be identified and submitted in the Site Forms packet along with all other applicable proposal documents. It is important to convey to the existing property owner/manager, if you are unable to secure a lease option and are required to propose a new location, the agency will relocate if awarded a contract.