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    Limited Driving Privileges

    A limited driving privileges court order modifies a suspension to allow an individual to drive. The court specifies purposes, times, and places and may impose other conditions.

    Limited driving privileges may be granted for:

    • Occupational, educational or medical purposes
    • Taking a driver license or commercial driver license examination
    • Attending court-ordered treatment

    The order must be a journal entry from the court bearing a court seal, and you must have a modifying order including each suspension you are serving.

    In order to use limited driving privileges, your license cannot be expired and you must be in compliance with any other suspension requirements.

    Expired License

    • If your license expires while you are under suspension, the court must issue an order allowing you to renew your license while under suspension.
    • If your license is expired past six months, the court must issue an order allowing you to retest to obtain a license.
    • If you are retesting for a commercial driver license (CDL), the letter must specifically state that. However, you may not drive a commercial vehicle with limited driving privileges.

    Ohio Revised Code: 4510.021

    Administrative Hearings

    Remote Hearings via Microsoft Teams

    Due to COVID-19, all in-person administrative hearings are postponed until further notice. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is offering remote administrative hearings to individuals who have access to Microsoft Teams.

    You may request a remote administrative hearing by email to If you have any questions about the Microsoft Teams remote hearing process, please call (614) 466-7014.

    To participate in a Microsoft Teams remote hearing, both you and your attorney (if you hired one) must have a computer, laptop, Android phone or tablet, iPhone, or iPad that is fully operational and meets all Microsoft Teams operational, hardware, display, and memory requirements. You and your attorney must have a camera, speakers, and a microphone on the device you intend to use. The BMV will not provide a computer, laptop, Android phone or tablet, iPhone, or iPad to you or your attorney. If you do not have the necessary equipment to use Microsoft Teams, please do not request a remote hearing. If you intend to use witnesses during the remote hearing, it is your responsibility to ensure that the witnesses have access tocapable devices.

    You must request a remote hearing in writing by email to or by mail to the BMV address on your notice of suspension or disqualification. Your written request must contain:

    1. your name and mailing address;
    2. the name and mailing address of your attorney;
    3. your email address;
    4. the email address of your attorney;
    5. your telephone number; and
    6. the telephone number of your attorney.

    The BMV must receive your written request for a remote hearing on or before the deadline set forth on your notice of suspension or disqualification. If the BMV does not receive a timely request for a remote hearing, one will not be scheduled for you.

    If the BMV receives a timely request for an in-person hearing, it will schedule and conduct a hearing as soon as the COVID-19 emergency ends and in-person hearings have resumed. At the present time, we do not know when the BMV will be able to resume in-person hearings.

    Creating a Microsoft Teams Account
    Upon receipt of your timely request for a remote hearing, the BMV will send you an email stating that you have been added to a “team” and explaining how to create a Microsoft Teams account.

    You, your attorney, and your witnesses, if any, will have to create accounts using the email addresses contained in your remote hearing request because those email addresses are the ones that the BMV added to the system.

    Please use the directions to create a Microsoft Teams account immediately upon receipt of this email. Creating a Microsoft Teams account is free.

    Invitation to the Remote Hearing
    Once you have set up Microsoft Teams accounts, both you and your attorney will receive a “meeting” invite for the Microsoft Teams remote hearing. Setting up an account immediately upon receipt of the first email stating that you have been added to a “team” is critical; unless you log in with an account, you, your attorney, and any witnesses will not be able to participate in the remote hearing.

    Both parties are expected to send copies of all exhibits they intend to use on direct and cross-examination to the Hearing Examiner and the other party/opposing counsel via email at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled time and date of the remote hearing. The failure to do so may result in the unnecessary delay of the hearing.

    The BMV expects parties who request a Microsoft Teams remote hearing to have access to devices that are fully operational and meet all systems requirements. The lack of access to a device that meets these requirements will not be acceptable grounds for a postponement or continuance; the Hearing Examiner reserves the right to note your absence and conduct the remote hearing without you. However, if you or your attorney experience technical difficulties shortly before or during a scheduled remote hearing, please call your Hearing Examiner immediately.

    Requirements to Request an Administrative Hearing

    You may request a hearing in writing by email to or by mail to the BMV address on your notice of suspension or disqualification.

    Habitual, Medical, National Driver Register (NDR), Non-Resident Violator Compact, Probationary, Security, and Violation of Restriction Suspensions
    • Mail or email your hearing request within 30 days of the mailing date of the suspension notice to the address listed in the notice.
    • There are no fees for these hearings.
    Out-of-State Drug and/or Operating a Vehicle under the Influence of Alcohol/Drugs (OVI) Suspensions
    • Mail or email your hearing request within 20 days of the mailing date of the suspension notice to the address listed in the notice.
    • There are no fees for these hearings.
    Random Proof of Insurance Selection Suspensions, Non-Compliance and Non-Compliance Accident Suspensions
    • Mail or email your hearing request within 10 days of the mailing date of the suspension notice to the address listed in the notice.
    • A $30 hearing fee, payable by check or money order, is required.
    Commercial Driver License (CDL) Disqualifications
    • Mail or email your hearing request within 30 days of the mailing date of the disqualification notice to the address listed in the notice.
    • There are no fees for these hearings.

    Ohio Revised Code: 119.07

    Ohio Administrative Code: 4501:1-10-01

    Temporary Identification Cards

    A temporary ID card can only be issued if you are under suspension and your license is not expired. It can be used with driving privileges. A temporary ID card cannot be issued if there is a warrant block on your record.

    Remedial Driving Course for Two-Point Credit

    If you have at least two points but fewer than 12 points on your driving record, you may be eligible to complete a remedial driver course for a two-point credit.

    Completing the course does not remove points from your record, but can act as a cushion against future convictions that may take you to 12 points within a two-year period.

    This course must be taken at an approved remedial driving school.

    Ohio Revised Code: 4510.037

    Ohio Revised Code Offense & Conviction Code List

    Last updated: 12/2/2020  *No longer used  **New Offense  ***Repealed  ****Renamed

    Code Moving/
    Violation Points ORC Class
    01 N Perjury/False Info 0 2921.11  
    02 M OVI/Alcohol/Liquor/Drugs 6 4511.19A 5
    03 N DR w/o Owner Consent 6 2913.03  
    04 M MTR Vehicle Felony 6 2913.02  
    05*** M Vehicular Homicide 6 2903.07  
    06 M Hit Skip/Leave Scene 6 4549.02 
    07 M Driving Under Susp/Rev 2 4510.11 7
    08 M Drag Racing/Street 6 4511.251 7
    09 M Flee/Elude Officer 6 2921.331 2
    10 M Stop Sign 2 4511.43  
    11 M Traffic Control Lights 2 4511.13  
    13 M Vio-RR Crossing 2 4511.61-64  
    14 M Traffic Control Dev/Signs 2 4511.12  
    15* M Vio to Avoid Light 2    
    16 M Hit-Skip Private Prop 2 4549.03  
    18 N No Child Restraint 0 4511.81  
    19 M Vehicular Assault 6 2903.08 (A)(2) 4
    20 M Speed (# in access of speed) 4/2/0 4511.21  
    21 M Slow Speed 2 4511.22  
    22 M Driving Under FRA Susp 2 4510.16 (A) 7
    23 M Following Too Close 2 4511.34  
    24 M Speed (hwy/expwy/freewy) 4/2/0 4511.21  
    25 M Speed Commercial 4/2/0 4511.21  
    26 M OVI.04 Commercial Varies 4506.15(A) 2-5  
    28 M Disregard of Safety 4 4511.2  
    29 M Disregard of Safety Priv/Property 2 4511.201  
    30 M VIO-One Way Traf 2 4511.32  
    31 M Driving Left of Center 2 4511.29-30  
    32 M FTY Ped/Blind 2 4511.46-47  
    33 M Crossing Yellow Line 2 4511.30 (B)  
    35 M Rt Side of Roadway 2 4511.25  
    36 M Crossing Divided Hwy 2 4511.35  
    37**** M Driving In Marked Lanes 2 4511.33  
    38 M FTY Right of Way 2 4511.41-42
    39 M Opp Veh Traf VIO 2 4511.26  
    40 M Improper Passing 2 4511.28  
    41 M Vio-When Being Passed 2 4511.27  
    42 M Stopped Sch Bus-VIO 2 4511.75  
    45 M w/o Due Regard Priv. Property 2 4511.201  
    46 M Unsaf Oper-Priv Pr 2 Municipal Code
    47 M Reckless Oper/Priv Pr 2 Municipal Code
    48 M Willful and Wanton Disregard 4 4511.201  
    49 M Unsafe Operation 4 Municipal Code
    50 M Reckless Operation 4 4510.15  
    51 M Disobey/Interfere With Police Order 2 4513.36 2
    52 M Assured Clear Dist 2 4511.21(A)  
    53 M VIO-Starting/Backing 2 4511.38  
    54 M Driving on Closed Hwy 2 4511.71  
    55 M Dropping/Placing Material on Roadway 2 4511.74  
    56 M VIO of Restriction 2 4510.11  
    58 M No Driver License 0 4510.12(C)(1) 7
    59 M Lost Control of Vehicle 2 Municipal Code
    60 M Prohibited U turn 2 4511.37  
    61 M Improper/Prohib Turn 2 4511.36  
    62 M VIO-Turn Signals 2 4511.39  
    63 M Failure to Turn 2 4511.36  
    64 M Fail-Control 2 4511.202  
    65 M Aggr Vehicular Homicide 6 2903.06(A)(2) 1
    66 N Operating Unsafe Veh 0 4513.02  
    67 N VIO-Equip Regulation 0 4513.03-10,12-19,
    68 M VIO-Slow Mvg Veh Signs 0 4513.11  
    69 N Equipment Misuse 0 4513.02  
    70 M Disabled Veh Warning 0 4513.28  
    71 M VIO Out of Service Order Varies 4506.16  
    73 M Driving under OVI Susp 6 4510.14, 
    4511.19, 4511.191
    75 M Aggr Veh Assault w/Alcohol 6 2903.08 3
    76 M Aggravated Veh Assault 6 2903.08 (A) (1) 3
    77 M Veh Homicide w/Alcohol 6 2903.06 (A) (1) 1
    78 M Invol ManSlghtr w/Alcohol 6 2903.04D 1
    79 N VIO-Dr Lic Req 0 4507.35  
    80 N Dr Lic Misrep 0 4507.30 & 
    81* M Phy Cont Veh Intox 2
    82 N Fail-File Req Rept 0 4509.74-99  
    83* N VIO Reg-Title 0 4505.18  
    84 N VIO Seat Belt Law 0 4513.263  
    85 N VIO Brake Req 0 4513.2  
    86 M Impaired Alertness (CDL) 2 4511.79(A)  
    87 M OVUAC 4 4511.19B  
    88 Juvenile Misc Varies
    89 N Wrongful Entrustment 0 4511.203(A)(1),(2),(3) 7
    90 M Endanger Child/OP Veh 0 2919.22 (C1)  
    91 M Failture to Control/Weaving 2 Municipal Code
    92* M Street Racing 6 4511.251  
    93 M 4th OVI-Felony 6 4511.19/99  
    94 N Consume Alcohol in Motor Veh 0 4301.64  
    95* N Illegal Purchase Alcohol 0 4301.632  
    96 N No Corresponding Code Use ACD
    97 N Ohio Turnpike 0
    98 N Highway Use Tax 0 5728.02  
    99 N Miscellaneous 0
    AA M No Temp Permit/No Adult 2 4507.05 (F)(1)  
    AB M Curfew VIO Temp Permit 2 4507.05 (F)(2)  
    AC M Curfew VIO Dr Lic 2 4507.07 (1)(B)  
    AD N All Occupants Secure 0 4507.071(D)  
    AE M FTY Funeral 2 4511.451  
    AF M Unsafe Operation Around Emergency Vehicle 2 4511.213  
    AG M Aggr Vehicular Homicide w/ Alcohol 6 2903.06(A)(1) 1
    AH M Vehicular Manslaughter 6 2903.06(A)(4) 6
    AI M Vehicular Homicide 6 2903.06(A)(3) 4
    AJ N Physical Control Under the Influence 0 4511.194 7
    AK M Failure to Reinstate 2 4510.21(B) 7
    AL N Soliciting 0 2907.24  
    AM N Soliciting with Positive HIV 0 2907.24 (B)  
    AN N Involuntary Manslaughter 6 2903.04  
    AO M Driving Under 12 PT Suspension 6 4510.037 (J)
    AP N Gasoline Theft 0 2913.02 (B) (10)  
    AQ N Weigh Station Violation 2 4511.121  
    AR M Motor Vehicle Used in Manufacturing, Distributing, or Dispensing Control Substance (Commercial Motor Vehicles Only) 6 4506.16 (B) (4)  
    AS M OVI/Refusal 6 4511.19(A)(2) 5
    AT M Driving w/o Required Endorsement 2 4506.03(A) (1)  
    AU M Unreasonable For Conditions 2 4511.21 (A)  
    AV M Driving a CMV While Disqualified 2 4506.15 (A)(9)  
    AW M Fatality through Negligent Operation of CMV 2 4506.15 (A) (10)  
    AX M Driving a CMV w/o Obtaining a CDL 2 4506.03
    4506.16  (D)1
    AY M Driving a CMV w/o CDL in Driver's Possession 2 4506.03 (A) (1)  
    AZ M VIO Out of Service Order Hazmat 0 4506.16(B)(1)  
    BA M OVI/BAC .17 or Above 6 4511.19(A)(1)(f)
    (g), (h),(i)
    BB N Registration Violation 0 4503.12  
    BC N Title Violation 0 4505.18  
    BD N Tag/Sticker Violation 0 4503.21  
    BE N Immobilization Device Violation 0 4510.44  
    BG M Unsafe Operation/Passengers 2 4511.51 (D)(E)(F)  
    BH M Obstructed View 2 4511.7  
    BI M Headphones 2 4511.84  
    BJ M Towing Violation 2 4513.32  
    BK M Driving Under Specified Lifetime Suspension 6 4510.18 (A)  
    BL N Aggravated Murder 6 2903.01  
    BM N Murder 6 2903.02  
    BN N Felonious Assault 6 2903.11  
    BO M Obstructing an Intersection 2 4511.712  
    BP M Excess Passengers with Juvenile 2 4507.071(B)(4)  
    BQ M Driving w/o a Parent Restriction 2 4507.071(D)(1)(a)  
    BR M Failure to Slow Down at RR Crossing 2 4511.62(A)(1)(a)  
    BT M Failure to Stop at RR Crossing 2 4511.63 (A)  
    BU M Insufficient Space at RR Crossing 2 4511.62 (A)(1)(d)  
    BV M Insufficient Undercarriage to Negotiate RR Crossing 2 4511.62 (A)(1)(f)  
    BW M Failure to Obey RR Stop Sign 2 4511.61 (A)  
    BX N Immobilization Waiver 0 4503.235  
    BY N OMWI Under the Age of 21 1547.11 (B)  
    BZ N OMWI (Court must refer to ODNR) 1547.11(A)  
    CA M DUS Child Support Failure Pay/Appr 2 4510.111  
    CB M Driving w/o Motorcycle License/Endorsement 0 4510.12(A) 2  
    CC M OVI Less Than .04 Varies 4506.15 (A)1  
    CD N MC Temp Permit w/o Helmet 0 4511.53(C)(1)  
    CE N MC Temp Permit Violation 0 4511.53(C)(2)  
    CL M Driving Under Non Payment Judgment Susp. 2 4510.16 (B)  
    CM M Permitting Operation w/o Valid License 0 4507.02(A)  
    CN N Wrongful Entrustment 0 4511.203(A)(4),(5)  
    CP M Texting While Operating A Commercial Vehicle 0 4511.204  
    CQ M Failure To Stop After An Accident 0 4506.15  
    CR M Driving While Texting Effective 0 4511.204  
    CS M Driving Using Electronic Wireless Communication Device under Eighteen 0 4511.205 7
    CU N Not Medically Certified 0 4506.05, 4506.10
    CV N Failure to Register Motor Vehicle 0 4503.111  
    CW M Handheld Mobile Telephone 0 4511.204  
    CX N Failure to Surrender Out-Of-State Driver’s License 0 4507.213  
    CY M Drv On Lft Side Of Roadway 2 4511.30 (A)  
    CZ M Passing In Haz Zone 2 4511.31  
    DB M Drv Thru Safety Zone 2 4511.6  
    DC M Expired License 0 4510.12(C)(2) 7
    DF N CDL Failure to Update Address 0 4506.14(D)  
    DG N Fictitious License Plates 0 4549.08  
    DH M Commit Viol/Distracted 0 4511.991  
    DD** N Imminent Hazard 0 4506.16  
    DJ** N Human Trafficking Felony - CDL 0 4506.101  
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