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    License Forfeiture Suspension

    A license forfeiture suspension is imposed when a person is charged with a first, second, third, or fourth degree misdemeanor and either fails to appear in court or fails to pay a court fine.

    Reinstatement Requirements

    • Official court release for the license forfeiture
    • Pay a reinstatement fee

    Ohio Revised Code: 4510.22

    Warrant Blocks

    A municipal or county court may send the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) a report for any person for whom there is an outstanding warrant. The person will be denied the ability to apply for or to renew a driver license or vehicle registration.

    Reinstatement Requirements

    • Official court release for the warrant block
    • Pay a reinstatement fee

    Ohio Revised Code: 4503.13

    Court Order Suspension

    A court may order a suspension for traffic violations; the length of the suspension is determined by the court.

    Reinstatement Requirements

    • Serve the court’s suspension
    • Pay a reinstatement fee to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) if the suspension is longer than 89 days

    Ohio Revised Code: 4510.037, 4510.038

    Court Registration Blocks

    A court can place a block on registration for unpaid fines or fees.

    Reinstatement Requirements

    In order to release the block, the person must pay what is owed to the court. The court will forward a release to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) or provide a copy of the release for the person to take to a deputy registrar agency.

    Ohio Revised Code: 1901.44 1905.202 1907.25 2947.09

    Immobilization & Impoundment Registration Block

    Ohio courts may order a block and impoundment of the registration and license plates at the time of sentencing for: driving under suspension, a second-offense OVI, or allowing someone who is unlicensed to drive your vehicle. The court determines the length of immobilization/impoundment.

    Once the immobilization period has ended and the reinstatement fee has been paid, the individual will receive a Notice of Immobilization Compliance (form BMV2268) to release the vehicle from the place of impoundment.

    If the fee has not been paid when the immobilization period ends, the vehicle owner will be unable to register any vehicle in his or her name until the fee is paid.

    Reinstatement Requirements

    • Serve immobilization period
    • If applicable, pay impoundment fees
    • Pay a reinstatement fee
    • Receive Notice of Immobilization Compliance (form BMV 2268)

    Ohio Revised Code: 4503.233

    Pre-Trial Suspension

    If someone is arrested for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (OVI) and is not placed under an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) or successfully appeals the ALS, a court may place the individual under a pre-trial suspension.

    Reinstatement Requirements

    A pre-trial suspension stays in effect until the court notifies the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) of a decision on the OVI case.

    Ohio Revised Code: 4511.196

    Non-Resident Violator Compact Suspension

    This type of suspension happens when a court from another state informs the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) that there is an unpaid traffic ticket for an Ohio driver.

    Reinstatement Requirements

    This suspension will remain until an official court release/receipt is received from the out-of-state court and a reinstatement fee is paid to the Ohio BMV.

    Ohio Revised Code: 4510.71, 4510.72

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