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Suspensions & Reinstatements

Insurance-Related Suspensions

Random Selection Program

Pursuant to House Bill 62, effective July 3, 2019, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles will no longer require proof of financial responsibility through a random selection verification process.

All customers with random selection suspensions prior to July 3, 2019, will still be required to provide proof of insurance or comply with the reinstatement requirements. In order to cancel a random selection suspension, the individual must provide proof of liability insurance coverage listing the selected vehicle in effect for the requested verification date. The individual may submit a copy of his or her automobile insurance policy declarations page, insurance identification card or a letter on insurance company letterhead and signed by the agent indicating liability insurance was in effect.

The termination of the Random Selection Program does not reduce or remove the statutory requirement to maintain proof of financial responsibility under section 4509 of the Ohio Revised Code.

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Ohio Revised Code: 4509.101 4507.212


Random Selection-Exemptions

If a vehicle owner provides clear evidence that he or she customarily maintains insurance, then the individual may be exempt if one of the following are applicable:

The vehicle owner first must provide proof that he or she customarily maintains insurance. Acceptable proof would be an insurance card, declarations page or letter from the insurer on the agent’s or company’s letterhead. The proof of coverage must include the start and end dates of the coverage, policy number and list the vehicle selected. Exemptions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.


Inoperable Vehicle

The proof of insurance provided must cover dates shortly before the vehicle became inoperable; OR proof of insurance may be provided for other owned vehicles on the proof of coverage date. If the vehicle was inoperable, the BMV will accept the following as proof:

A notarized Affidavit of Vehicle Inoperability, Random Selection Suspension (BMV 3153). In addition to the notarized affidavit you must show proof you usually have insurance on your vehicles.


Seasonal Vehicle

If the vehicle is only used at certain times of the year, the owner must provide a letter from his or her insurance agent stating the vehicle has a history of being driven seasonally and is only insured when in use.


Not at Fault for Lack of Financial Responsibility

If the owner was not at fault for lack of financial responsibility, the BMV must receive documentation to support it. For example, the vehicle was awarded to the other party in a divorce settlement.


Excusable Neglect

The lapse in insurance was caused by an event that is unlikely to occur again. For example, the vehicle owner was hospitalized at the time the insurance bill was due.


Vehicle was Sold or Traded-In

If the vehicle was sold or traded prior to the date of random selection, the individual must submit one of the following as proof:

  • A copy, front and back, of the notarized title as proof of the sale
  • A copy of the sales contract of the new vehicle showing the trade-in
  • A notarized statement listing the date of the sale and the name of the buyer


Stored Vehicle

If the vehicle is stored, you must submit a receipt from a paid storage facility for exemption from the financial responsibility requirement.


Active-Duty Military

If the owner is in the military, the owner must be stationed outside of Ohio. The individual must submit a copy of his or her orders or other official documentation in order to be exempted.


Incarcerated Individuals

If the owner is incarcerated, he or she will need to submit a letter from the correctional facility or other official documentation. If the registration is renewed during the incarceration, then the vehicle will be considered to be in use by a family member or other individual and will not be exempted.

Ohio Revised Code: 4509.101



Reinstatement Requirements

A random selection suspension will stand until the owner meets the following requirements:

  • Carry a certificate of insurance (SR-22/bond) for three years
  • Pay a reinstatement fee

Ohio Administrative Code: 4501:1-2

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