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Forms & Manuals

BMV Forms and Manuals

Vehicle Registration Forms

Display of Stickers BMV 1515A PDF
Request for Cancellation of School Bus Identification Number BMV 4175 PDF Word
Customer Request to Cancel Vehicle Registration BMV 4311 PDF Word
Registration Application of Public Owned Vehicle BMV 4501 PDF Word
Application for Disabled Veterans, Former Prisoners of War & Spouses of Deceased Former Prisoners BMV 4507 PDF Word
Application for Service Star Medal License Plates BMV 4508 PDF Word
Motorized Bicycle - Moped Registration Application BMV 4510 PDF Word
Affidavit to Exempt Motor Vehicles of Volunteer Rescue Services from Registration Fees BMV 4523 PDF Word
Application for Removable Windshield Placard for Active Duty Military / Veterans With Disabilities BMV 4531 PDF Word
Application for Registration by Mail BMV 4625 PDF Word
Affidavit for Registration of Livery Vehicles BMV 4632 PDF Word
Affidavit for "Gold Star Family" License Plates BMV 4635 PDF Word
Request for Special License Plates BMV 4705 PDF Word
Repurchase Release – used to release an existing initial or personalized special license plate BMV 4729 PDF Word
Unknown Vehicle Fuel Type Affidavit for Registration BMV 4740 PDF Word
Dispute of Vehicle Fuel Type for Registration BMV 4741 PDF Word
Application for a Collector's License Plates BMV 4803 PDF Word
Application and Affidavit for Historical License Plates BMV 4806 PDF Word
Application for a Registration of a Motor Vehicle with Restricted Plates/Decal BMV 4808 PDF Word
Application for Duplicate Registration Card, Transfer, Replacement Plates / Validation Sticker BMV 4809 PDF Word
Affidavit for Participation in Organizational / Collegiate Special License Plate Program BMV 4810 PDF Word
Military License Plate Promo Sheet BMV 4811 PDF
Company Logo Application BMV 4813 PDF Word
Application for Commercial Radio/TV, Voiture and Organizational License Plates BMV 4814 PDF Word
Application for Seniors, Temporary Farm Bus and Camp Bus License Plates BMV 4816 PDF Word
Affidavit for Military Sacrifice License Plates BMV 4817 PDF Word
Petition to Establish Organizational License Plate BMV 4820 PDF Word
Application for Disability Placards. NOTE: This form is used by individuals WITHOUT military service-connected disabilities BMV 4826 PDF Word
Physician/Chiropractor's Certification of Eligibility for License Plates for Persons with Disabilities BMV 4834 PDF Word
Historical "Model-Year" Plate Information and License Plate Affidavit BMV 4853 PDF Word
Vehicle Color Choices BMV 5607 PDF
Affidavit for Registration BMV 5712 PDF Word
Official Weight Slip BMV 5721 PDF
Boat Dealer Certification of Trailer Weight for Used Non-Commercial Trailers BMV 5734 PDF Word
Power of Attorney for Ohio Vehicle Registration BMV 5736 PDF Word
Power of Attorney for Ohio Vehicle Registration (Somali)  BMV 5737 PDF Word
Power of Attorney for Ohio Vehicle Registration (Spanish) BMV 5738 PDF Word
Application for Exemption from Payment of Permissive Tax by Non-Resident Member of the Armed Forces BMV 5741 PDF Word
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