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Driver License & ID Card

Motorcycle License

Moped/Motorized Bicycle

Riders must follow the rules for mopeds:

  • If under age 18, a protective helmet is required; the chin strap must be properly fastened.
  • Mopeds must be equipped with at least one rear view mirror.
  • Whenever practical, mopeds must be operated within three feet of the right edge of the roadway.
  • Operators of mopeds may not carry passengers.

Riders also must obey traffic laws that apply to bicycles and motor vehicles, including:

  • Obeying traffic signs and signals
  • Traveling in the same direction as other traffic
  • Signaling turns
  • Yielding the right of way

Moped/motorized bicycle owners are required to obtain and display a rear license plate.

Moped/Motorized Bicycle License

Applicants age 14-15, or anyone without a valid driver license, must pass vision, knowledge and road tests to obtain a moped license.

  • Probationary licenses are required for 14- and 15-year-old operators.
  • If a probationary moped license holder violates state laws regulating moped operation or state or local traffic laws, the probationary license can be revoked until age 16.
Probationary License Restrictions
  • May ride during daylight hours only
  • No passengers
  • No riding on interstates or congested roads
  • Must wear a helmet and protective eyewear

Where Do I Go?

Ohio Revised Code: 4511.521

Ohio Administrative Code: 4501.23

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