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A moped, or motorized bicycle, is any vehicle with two tandem wheels or one front and two rear wheels that is capable of being pedaled and equipped with a helper motor.

  1. The helper motor may not:
    • Have a piston displacement of more than 50 cubic centimeters
    • Produce more than one brake horsepower
    • Propel the vehicle at a speed greater than 20 mph on a level surface
  2. The tires shall have an inflated minimum width of 1.75 inches (4.45 centimeters) and an inflated minimum diameter of 19 inches (48.26 centimeters) when mounted to the rim or wheel.

If a vehicle exceeds any of the above criteria, it is legally a motorcycle.

Operators must obtain and display a rear license plate. Only models listed in the Approved Moped Models list may be registered and legally operated in Ohio.

Refer to Digest of Motor Vehicle Laws for driver license requirements.

To add a moped or motorized bicycle model to the approved list, use Manufacturer's Certification of Compliance with Motorized Bicycle (form BMV 4509).

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Ohio Revised Code: 4511.521

Ohio Administrative Code: 4501-23

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