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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Limousine License Plates

Special Plates Types

Limousine License Plates


General Information
Issued for vehicles operated for hire on an hourly basis and designed to carry nine or less passengers. This does not include any vehicle used exclusively in the business of funeral directing.
Registrant Eligibility
A certificate of insurance as provided in Section 4509.46 or 4509.47 of the Ohio Revised Code. A current policy of liability insurance which must include: a) serial number of limo, b) minimum amount of $300,000 and c) effective policy dates (must be at least 10 days after transaction date).
Title Requirements Ohio Certificate of Title issued in company's name, either singly or jointly, or the name is the same name on the lease agreement.
Vehicle Information
These plates may be issued to passenger vehicles, commercial trucks, and recreational vehicles.
Type of Plates
System assigned plate number, initial reserve and personalized will be issued an additional sticker that bears the word Livery. Special Interest Plates can not be issued to Limousines.
Issuance Information Plates may be ordered at any Deputy Registrar's office.
There is an annual fee for Limo plates of $7.50, in addition to normal registration fees. The fee is determined by Ohio Revised Code section 4503.24.


Fees New Renewal
Special Plate Fee $7.50 $7.50
New Plate Charge* $7.50 $0.00
License Tax: Passenger Car $31.00 $31.00
Permissive Tax** $0.00 - $20.00 $0.00 - $20.00
Deputy Fee $3.50 $3.50
Plate Reflectorization Fee $0.25 per plate $0.00
County Sticker(s) $0.25 $0.00
Postage*** current rate current rate



The $7.50 fee does not apply if it is the first time the vehicle is registered by the owner or if the vehicle has not been plated in the last 12 months.


Permissive Tax is based upon customer's county of residence. (See county information)


No postage is required if renewed at Deputy Registrar.