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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Driver License Suspension & Reinstatement


Security Suspension

Ohio Revised Code Sections 4509.11 through 4509.291

A Security Suspension results from property damage exceeding $400.00 and/or a personal injury claim filed by a State Crash Report. There is a statute of limitations stating we can only suspend driving and registration privileges for a period of two years from the date of accident.

Once placed under this suspension, an uninsured motorist must comply with one of the following requirements:
          • Submit a release signed by all parties showing the damages have been paid in full OR send a notarized installment agreement signed by all involved parties indicating payment arrangements have been made. (In the event of a default on an agreement, a two year suspension will become effective from the date of default. No further agreements will be accepted, only a full release or a deposit for the remaining balance.)
          • Deposit the amount of damages claimed with the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) ($500.00 is the minimum for personal injury). We can only hold a deposit for two years from the date of accident. If the other party files a civil judgment in court, the BMV must receive a journal entry and the deposit would then be sent to the court. If court action is not taken, the BMV will return the money to the depositor after the two year time period has lapsed.
          • File a Petition or Discharge in Bankruptcy along with the Schedule of Creditors showing the claim in question listed.

***Any party that is going to be placed under a Security Suspension has the option to request an Administrative Hearing.