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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Driver License Suspension & Reinstatement


Second Offense OVI (DUI - Driving Under the Influence)

Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.19

          • Operating a motor vehicle with a prohibited blood alcohol concentration or drug of abuse and at least one prior OVI within the last 6 years on the driving record.

Length of Suspension
          • Determined by the Court. If no suspension period is assessed, no reinstatement fee is required.

Appeal Procedures
          • The filing of an appeal with the court regarding any aspect of the trial or suspension does not stay the operation of the suspension or revocation. Suspension or revocation remains effective during appeal period. (Section 4507.16 (B5) Ohio Revised Code).

Limited Driving Privileges
          • Driver may file a petition for limited driving privileges in the municipal, county, mayor's, or in the case of a minor, juvenile court that has jurisdiction over the place of arrest. This may be done in accordance with Section 4507.16(F) Ohio Revised Code.

Reinstatement Requirements ORC Section 4511.191 (F)(2)
                    • Serve the suspension period.
                    • Pay Reinstatement Fee. See Reinstatement Fee List for required fee amount.
                    • Show Proof of Insurance by forwarding the proper documentation to:
                      Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
                      Attn. RE Fee
                      P.O. Box 16520
                      Columbus OH 43216-6520