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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Mileage Correction

ODPS | BMV | Mileage Correction

If the incorrect mileage or brand (exceeded, salvage, non-actual, buyback) was due to a county error, please contact the county where the title was issued; they will be able to assist you. For a list of the county offices, please click here.

If the incorrect mileage or brand (exceeded, salvage, non-actual, buyback) was due was a customer or dealer error, the following is a list of additional information you will need to submit for further review. Please note that the information requested is solely for review and does not guarantee approval of your request:

          • A detailed, notarized statement from EACH previous owner (if applicable) stating how the error occurred and why they signed for the incorrect mileage. The letter must be dated, display the date of notarization, and show the year, make, VIN, and both the correct and incorrect mileage of the vehicle in question. The statement must also contain the signature AND title (if applicable) of the person submitting the statement.
          • Current dated Federal Odometer Statement (if applicable). Applicant Affidavit's are only acceptable when the vehicle was sold or purchased through repossession, self-assembled vehicles, unclaimed affidavit, Out-of-State title conversions and operation of law (such as bankruptcy, death of a spouse).
          • Supporting proof of correct mileage at TIME OF TRANSFER (not current sale). This may include a signed and dated invoice sheet, purchase agreement, buyer's order, or other documentation to verify correct mileage. Pictures of odometers are not acceptable.

Partial submission of documents WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. We will respond to your requests within 10 business days from the date we receive your documents. Failure to provide required documents will be grounds to deny your request.

The following are examples of IMMEDIATE grounds to deny correction requests:
          • Guessing or estimating mileage
          • Not physically verifying mileage from odometer inside vehicle
          • Taking mileage from the Out of State Inspection form
          • Statements of fact that are ambiguous, not detailed, and/or not containing requested information
          • Items added to statements of fact after notarization is completed
          • No evidence to show mileage was verified at TIME OF TRANSFER
          • Evidence not dated and not signed by both dealer and customer at TIME OF TRANSFER
          • Statements stating error occurred due to "human error" or ".that an error was made", without further explanation
          • Inability to secure statements and/or Federal Odometer from previous owner(s)
          • Evidence that appears to be altered or forged
          • Statements of fact and/or odometer statements not signed by the customer(s)
          • Placing title in your name before verifying mileage
          • Using an Applicant's Affidavit form to verify mileage in situations other than repossessions, Out-of-State title conversions or operation of law (such as bankruptcy, death of a spouse, etc.)

Mileage is not required when transferring ownership of a motor vehicle as a result of a bequest, under the laws of intestate succession, an operation of law (such as repossession), to a transfer-on-death beneficiary/beneficiaries or for a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than sixteen thousand pounds. However, you must declare mileage when the vehicle is sold, with the exception of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of more than sixteen thousand pounds.

It is the BUYER'S and SELLER'S responsibility to verify that the mileage is correct. Although you may not be the person obtaining the mileage from the actual vehicle, by signing the odometer statement, you are attesting to the fact that the mileage is either:
          • Actual - mileage as shown on vehicle
          • Non-Actual (meaning mileage is not accurate or odometer is possibly broken) or
          • Exceeds Mechanical Limits (meaning actual mileage is not reflected on vehicle's odometer). A five digit odometer vehicle with 125,000 miles would read 25,000. A six digit odometer with 125,000 miles would read 125,000 miles.

Finally, bear in mind that newer vehicles have either electronic odometers and/or are capable of showing mileage in both miles and kilometers. Make sure you are reading the actual mileage (not kilometers) from the vehicle. If the vehicle only shows kilometers, you should convert the kilometer reading to miles and list both kilometer reading and converted mileage reading in mileage area on title and/or odometer statement.

Please contact the Titling Support & Dealer Licensing Section section at (614) 752-7671 with questions or for assistance with the requirements listed.