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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles New Organizational License Plates

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In order to obtain information to enter the special plate program, organizations must first obtain 500 signatures from people who intend to purchase a set of these plates.

Form BMV 4810 contains the prescribed petition for establishing organizational license plates.   You may copy our form or create one of your own.  If you create your own petition, it must contain the required information.  You must then contact a legislator who will agree to draft a bill for your organization’s plates.  The legislator will then submit the bill to the General Assembly for approval.

While the bill is going through the legislative process, you MUST submit the following items to our office:
          • A completed application form (form BMV 4810, page 2 of 3).
          • A statement from the authorized agent of the organization granting the BMV permission to print the organization’s logo on Ohio license plates.
          • An electronic file of your organization’s logo and name.
          • File needs to be saved as a Vector Art in any of the following format: .eps, Freehand.doc, InDesign.doc, or Illustrator.doc.
          • Include PMS colors, include Fonts (if it is not paths), include both Text and Logo, and include Color Sample.
          • The Logo size can be no more than 2.5” wide and 3.25” high.
          • The Text size can be no more than 5.5”wide and .75” high.
          • The original petitions with the 500 signature

We can send an electronic file template for the license plate artwork specifications upon request.

Organizations must sell 500 sets of plates per year.  If these minimums are not met by the second year, your organization will be terminated from the organizational license plate program.  Organizational license plates have been approved for display on passenger vehicles, noncommercial trucks and recreational vehicles.

The completed documents must be sent to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Registration Section, P.O. Box 16521, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521, telephone 614-752-4950 or 614-387-0657.  Upon receipt of these items, a sample license plate will be manufactured and sent to you for approval after your design is approved.

Click HERE to download the Application (BMV Form 4810) for Organizational License Plates