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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Driver License Suspension & Reinstatement


Juvenile Suspension

Any Delinquent, Unruly, or Traffic Offense associated with drug use ORC Sections 2151.354 & 4510.032(C)(1)

          • The Bureau of Motor Vehicles is notified by the court that the subject is under the age of 18 and has been adjudicated unruly, delinquent or being charged with possession or use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.

Length of Suspension
          • Until the offender's 18th birthday.

Appeal Procedures
          • None.

Reinstatement Requirements
          • Suspension ends on 18th Birthday.
          • Also ends if at the discretion of the court the subject attends and satisfactorily completes a drug abuse or alcohol abuse education, intervention, or treatment program specified by the court.
          • Additionally, reinstatement fee will be required if the suspension notice was mailed on or after 10/01/97.

Limited Driving Privileges
          • Subject may request limited driving privileges from the court in which the conviction occurred.