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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Driver License Suspension & Reinstatement


High School Drop-Out Suspension

Ohio Revised Code Section 4510.32

          • School Superintendent notifies the BMV of unauthorized withdrawal from school, or habitual absence without legitimate excuse, or suspension for use or possession of alcohol or drugs of abuse.

Length of Suspension
          • Subject's temporary permit, driver license, or right to apply will be placed under suspension until subject attains 18 years of age or until suspension is terminated.

Appeal Procedures
          • Subject may file a petition in the juvenile court in the jurisdiction of his/her residence. Scope of hearing is to determine:
          1. If notice given by Superintendent to the Registrar was in error.
          2. Whether the suspension or denial of driving privileges will result in substantial hardship to subject.

Suspension Shall be Terminated if
          • Subject is at least 18 years old.
          • Subject provides evidence of a high school diploma or general education development certificate (G.E.D.) of high school equivalence.
          • Superintendent of school district informs the Registrar subject was suspended in error.
          • Superintendent informs the Registrar that subject has satisfied terms or conditions necessary to terminate the suspension or denial of driving privileges.
          • Superintendent of a school district informs Registrar that subject is now attending, or enrolled in and attending, an approved program to obtain a diploma or its equivalent.
          • Subject filed a petition in court and court finds subject showed error in action taken by the Registrar.
          • Additionally, a reinstatement fee will be required if the suspension notice was mailed on or after 10/01/97.
            NOTE: Suspension cancellation notice from your school Superintendent must be mailed to:
            Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles
            Attn. POINTS
            P.O. Box 16784
            Columbus OH 43216-6784