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BMV Forms and Manuals

Vehicle Titles Forms

Authorization For The Operation of Under-Speed Vehicle/Utility Vehicle or Mini-Truck on Public Streets and Highways DPS 1373 PDF Word
Application for Replacement Vehicle Identification Number VIN BMV 3713 PDF Word
Export Application for a Motor Vehicle BMV 3717 PDF Word
Affidavit for Titling Off-Road and Utility Vehicles BMV 3722 PDF Word
Odometer Disclosure Statement BMV 3724 PDF Word
Minor Consent Form BMV 3751 PDF
Statement of Facts BMV 3753 PDF Word
Power of Attorney for Certificate of Title BMV 3771 PDF Word
Application for Dealer Assignment BMV 3772 PDF Word
Clerk of Courts Surviving Spouse Affidavit BMV 3773 PDF Word
Applications for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle BMV 3774 PDF Word
Motor Vehicle Physical Inspection for Ohio Residents and Military Personnel Temporarily Living Out-of-State BMV 3787 PDF Word
Affidavit Conversion to Motor Home BMV 3804 PDF Word
Pawnbroker Affidavit BMV 3809 PDF Word
Affidavit for Designation of Beneficiary or Beneficiaries by the Sole Owner for a Motor Vehicle, Watercraft, or Outboard Motor Certificate of Title BMV 3811 PDF Word
Unclaimed Motor Vehicle Affidavit BMV 4202 PDF Word
Board of Township Trustees Junk Motor Vehicle Affidavit BMV 4208 PDF Word
Scrap Vehicle Processing Guide BMV 6341 PDF
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