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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Fees for Services

The BMV accepts the following types of payment for services provided at local Deputy Registrar license agency offices:

Cash, Personal Checks, Money Orders, Certified Cashier Checks, Traveler's Checks, County Agency Vouchers, Intra-State Agency Vouchers


A late fee of $10 will be assessed to vehicle registration renewal transactions if renewed more than thirty days beyond the expiration date.

ODPS | BMV | Current Title Fees

Driver License

Temporary Permit Packet
Temporary Permit Packet (When expired beyond 6 months and within 2 years)
First Driver License
(age 21 or older)
(age 20) 
(age 19) 
(age 18) 
(age 17) 
(age 16)
Duplicate /Replacement
Moped License
Suspension & Reinstatement
Click here for fees.

Commercial Driver License

CDL Temporary Permit
First CDL License
Renewal CDL
CDL  Add Endorsement
Duplicate / Replacement CDL

State Identification Cards

New / Renewal
Duplicate / Replacement

Miscellaneous Driver License

Deputy Registrar Transaction Fee
Lamination Fee
Vision Screening
100% Disabled Veteran
No Cost
ODPS | BMV | Vehicle Registration Fees


Plate/Registration Transfer  
Duplicate/Replacement Sticker
Replace/Exchange 1 Plate
Replace/Exchange 2 Plates
Replacement Registration  
Temporary Tag  
Out-of-State Vehicle Inspection
Snowmobile/APV (3 years)
Snowmobile/APV (1 years)
Restricted Plate
(with current Registration)
Plate(s) Mailing Fee

Based on current rates


Annual Vehicle Renewal Registration Fees*

This fee is charged in addition to the standard registration and permissive tax fees
Initial Reserve
This fee is charged in addition to the standard registration and permissive tax fees
House Vehicle/Moped  
Motor Home  
Light Non-Commercial
(up to ¾ ton capacity)
Heavy Non-Commercial
(over ¾ -1 ton capacity)
Commercial Trailer 
Commercial Truck
Click here Based on declared GVW
Farm Truck
Click here Based on unladen weight
Commercial Bus
Click here Based on declared GVW
Non-Commercial Trailer
Click here Based on unladen weight

*The above registration fees do not include permissive (local) taxes which vary based on the taxing district of the customer.

Permissive tax cannot exceed $20.00 per vehicle and may be prorated, by law, by 50% if registering for 7 months or less.

Taxing Districts by County

Find a Weigh Scale Near You

Renewal Options

Vehicles that qualify for a Multi-Year registration renewal will pay annual registration fees and permissive tax multiplied by the number of years being registered. The following are applicable Deputy fees.

1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
4-5 Years
Comm. Trailer 1-7 Years
ODPS | BMV | Vehicle Registration Fees

Special Plates


Retention fee is in addition to all other applicable fees.


Annual Special Plate Fees vary, based on the special plate type.


Note: Fees for special plates are charged annually in addition to other applicable fees. Fees are subject to change based on new legislation

ODPS | BMV | Title Fees


Archive Fee
(Manufactured Homes, House  
Trailers, Built Homes only)  
Cancellation of Lien
No Fee
Certificate of Title  
Duplicate Certificate of Title
Late Fee  
Lien Notation (on existing title) 
Lien Notation (with title transfer) 
Memorandum Certificate  
Out-of-State Inspection
Inspection Fee $3.50
Clerk Fee $1.50
Salvage Title (Motor Vehicle)
Salvage Title *
*Watercraft Salvage Titles are issued only to Law Enforcement  
Sworn Affidavit  
ODPS | BMV | Vehicle Registration Fees


New Removable Windshield Placards
Permanent: 5 years
Temporary: up to 6 months
Replacement Windshield Placard 
Renewal Removable Windshield Placard
(If expired over 6 months, a new placard must be purchased)
Notary Public Fee