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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Vehicle Color - Frequently Asked Questions


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Why do I have to provide my vehicle's color?

This information is collected during the registration process to assist law enforcement with the identification of vehicles. This information is collected in other states and is now part of registration in Ohio.

How do I know which color to choose?

Review the color chart (located at all Deputy Registrars or posted online at www.bmv.ohio.gov) and choose the color closest to that of the vehicle. These colors are standardized but will not match every tone. You will have to choose the closest one to yours. You must choose a PRIMARY color and may also choose a SECONDARY color (The Honda Element is an example of a car that has a primary and secondary color).

What if my vehicle has multiple colors so that it is impossible to choose just a primary and secondary color?

Customers with multi-color cars (either because of multiple colors, replacement parts or because the vehicle is iridescent) should choose the Multicolor option.

Will I have to provide my vehicle color every year at renewal?

No. Once the vehicle color has been provided, it will not be required on following renewals. However, if the vehicle is sold, the new owner will have to verify the color at first registration.

What if the color of my vehicle changes?

Should you need to change the color of their vehicle (for example, if the automobile was painted a new shade), it can be changed during the next transaction at the Deputy Registrar (the Deputy Registrar cannot change the color unless an actual transaction is performed). Or, you may call 1-800-589-TAGS (1-800-589-8247) to have the change made. To view the color chart, click here.

How do I update my vehicle color on my registration?

You will be asked to provide a vehicle color at the Deputy Registrar at first issuance or renewal. You can also update the color online at www.oplates.com at renewal. Or, you can call 1-800-589-TAGS. Vehicle color will not be captured through the mail-in renewal process.

Will my vehicle registration reflect my vehicle color?

No, vehicle color information will only be maintained on the BMV's database.