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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Multi-Year Registration - Frequently Asked Questions


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What is the name of this new option?

Multi-Year registration

When will the option to purchase a Multi-Year registration be available?

This option will be available starting June 30, 2014.

Am I required to purchase a Multi-Year registration?

No, you are given the option to purchase a Multi-Year registration, it is not a requirement.

Where will I be able to purchase a Multi-Year registration?

At any Deputy Registrar location
Online at: OPLATES.COM after August 9, 2014.
By mail at renewal €“ submit your renewal application on or after June 30, 2014.

If I want to renew my registration by mail how do I receive a renewal notice for more than one year?

You may contact the BMV at 1-800-589-8247 or 614-752-7800 to request a renewal notice for 2 -5 years.

If I have a logo plate can I still purchase Multi-Year registration when I buy a new plate?

If you have a logo plate you may purchase Multi-Year registration.

Can I choose to purchase new metal and a Multi-Year registration?

Yes. The option to purchase a Multi-Year registration is still available when new metal is purchased.

I have a special interest plate (Special Interest, Collegiate, or Military). Can I purchase a Multi-Year registration?

Yes, as long as there are no annual requirements for the plate, i.e. amateur radio, limo.

If I choose to purchase a Multi-Year registration will my plate look different?

Since April 15, 2013, Ohio Pride is the new standard plate. Multi-Year registrants will continue to use Ohio Pride license plates.

I live in an E-Check county; can I still purchase a Multi-Year registration?

Yes, registrants who purchase a Multi-Year registration are still required to comply with E-check requirements.

If I am required to have an E-Check next year what will happen if I don't comply?

Customers who choose not to comply with E-check requirements will be subject to having their vehicle registration suspended and license plates confiscated.

If my license plates have been confiscated due to noncompliance with E-check requirements how much will it cost to get my plates back?

A fee of $6.75 is charged for customers to receive a replacement plate after confiscation. Customers will receive a replacement of the plate type they had at the time of confiscation.

If I have a personalized, logo or initial reserve license plate and they are confiscated, will I be charged the additional fees again once I have complied with E-Check requirements?

No, additional fees will not be charged again. The $6.75 + postage allows the customer to receive the plate type they had at the time of confiscation.

Will I save money by purchasing a Multi-Year registration?

Regular registration fees will not change. The Deputy fee will be as follows: 1 year - $3.50, 2 year - $5.25, 3 year - $8.00, 4 or 5 year - $10.00.

If I purchase a five year registration and am in an accident after two years can I get a refund on the remaining years?

No. Refunds will only be issued for unused stickers provided the request is made within 2 years.

If I purchase my Multi-Year registration at my local Deputy Registrar will I receive my sticker there or will it be mailed?

All Deputy Registrars will have the ability to print registration stickers for up to five years. Yes, you will receive your sticker at the time of purchase if you choose to visit your local Deputy Registrar

If a customer moves out of an EPA county can they visit a local Deputy Registrar office to do a change of address?

Yes, customers who have moved out of an E-Check county may visit their local Deputy Registrar office to do a change of address for $4.50. This address change will update in the system the following business day.

Can customers still receive an extension from the EPA with a Multi-Year registration?

Yes, customers will still have the option to contact the Ohio EPA for an E-Check extension.

Will customers be notified by the BMV before confiscation to let them know their license plates and registration may be confiscated if they do not comply with E-Check?

Yes, customers will receive a letter from the BMV 30 days prior to their anniversary date to inform them they must comply with E-Check requirements.