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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Apportioned Vehicles Company Logo - Frequently Asked Questions


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A unique opportunity to advertise your business! Effective January 1, 2014, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles will offer commercial logo plates for apportioned vehicles. Now your fleet will increase public exposure to your company brand.



What vehicle type qualifies for company logo plates?

Ohio vehicles registered with apportioned plates may qualify for the company logo plates at this time.

Who can apply for the company logo plates?

Companies that have a minimum of 50 vehicles in their fleet are eligible to establish a special plate for the vehicles in their company.

What is the additional cost for company logo plates?

Any new, exchange or replacement logo plate is $6.00 in addition to any applicable registration fees.

Where can I purchase the company logo plates?

The company logo plate may be purchased through the IRP processing center, by mail or at www.OHCORS.com.

Are the company logo plates eligible for staggered or biennial registration?

No. Due to the reporting and calculation of fees for Apportioned vehicles, this can only be done as a 1 year registration.

Are the company logo plates eligible for multi-year or permanent registration?

No. Due to the reporting and calculation of fees for Apportioned vehicles, this can only be done as a 1 year registration.

Can the company logo plates be personalized?

No. These license plates are not eligible for personalization at this time.

Can I transfer a company logo plate?

Yes. Standard rules for transfer of license plates will apply.

Can I exchange a company logo plate?

Yes. The company logo plate can be exchanged for a standard apportioned plate at any time for $6.50 plus applicable registration fees.

How many plates do I need to order to qualify for a company logo plate?

The owner or lessee of a fleet of apportioned vehicles must have a minimum of 50 vehicles in their fleet to begin the companylogo process. However after implementation, the BMV expects the company to purchase a minimum of 50 company logo license plates within the first year the license plate is available. Therefore, at the time of renewal (if the company logo license plate is available) the company is expected to replace the standard apportioned license plate with a company logo license plate.

Do I have to purchase 50 company logo plates every order?

No; 50 license plates must be purchased within a year of availability. Once the requirement of 50 license plates is met, you may order more at your discretion.

Can I renew, replace or exchange a company logo plate online?

Yes. Renewals, replacements and exchanges can be issued at www.OHCORS.com.

How does my company start the logo plate approval process?

There will be a packet of information that you can obtain fromwww.OHCORS.com or the IRP Unit within the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (614)752-2055. You will be required to submit:

                • A list of the INITIAL 50 vehicles to include the VIN, current license plate number (if assigned), and a signed Affidavit
                • An application form
                • A statement from the authorized agent of the company granting the BMV permission to print the business entities logo on the Ohio License Plate
                • An electronic file of your artwork to specialplates@dps.ohio.gov (the email should include the name of the company in the subject line)
                • The file will need to be saved as Vector Art
                • include PMS colors, Fonts (if text is not paths), include both Text and Logo as Vector Art and include Color Sample
                • The logo size can be no more than 2.5” wide and 3.25” high
                • The text size can be no more than 5.5” wide and .75’ high

The completed documents and artwork must be sent to the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles, Attn: IRP Unit, P.O. Box 16521, Columbus, Ohio 43216-6521. Upon receipt of these items and approval from the BMV, a sample license plate will be manufactured and sent to you for your approval. We require a response of your approval of the sample plate within 14 business days.

How long is the logo plate approval process?

Approximately 45 days for the initial application.

Why is the initial approval process 45 days?

The logo must be approved before it can be released.

Once approved how long does it take to receive my logo plate after my transaction(s) are paid?

You should receive your logo plate within 7-10 days.

If our power unit is registered with a company logo plate and the owner operator breaks the lease, what happens to our company logo plate?

Please follow current IRP practice, which requires a company make all attempts to retrieve the company logo plate back and may include, but is not limited to, filing a police report; or complete an Ohio IRP Application for a replacement credential and pay the associated fees.

Can I have my Apportioned Logo Plates mailed directly to an Ohio IRP Office location for pick-up?

Yes.  At the time of application, you will be required to submit the alternate mailing address of the IRP office of your choosing. This address will be used to deliver the company logo plates. Unfortunately, the company logo plates can not be re-mailed from an Ohio IRP Branch Office once they are received at that location.