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ODPS Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles Driver Education Certificate

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Under 18 Years of Age

All applicants under the age of 18 applying for an Ohio driver license (except a motorized bicycle license) must complete an approved driver education course. This course is given by the:
          • High School;
          • A licensed commercial driver training school;
          • Driver education conducted by the military which is considered the same as commercial driver training.

Motorcycle License or Endorsement: All applicants under the age of 18 applying for a motorcycle operator's endorsement or license must present satisfactory evidence of having completed the course of instruction in the motorcycle safety and education program approved by the Director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

The driver education certificate must be presented to the examiner when appearing to take the driving (skills) portion of the test.

Non-Resident Under 18 Years of Age

Out of state resident under 18 applying for Ohio license: A driver education certificate indicating the number of hours of classroom training and the number of hours of behind the wheel training must be presented even if the driver holds a valid license from another state. If driver training was completed in another state, the following steps must be taken if you are presenting one of the following:
          • Out-of-State High School Driver Education Certificate;
          • Out-of-State Commercial Driver Education Certificate.
          • Mail or fax your out-of-state certificate (no copies) to:
            Ohio Department of Public Safety
            Driver Training Manager
            1970 West Broad Street
            P.O. Box 182081
            Columbus, OH 43218-2081

            Phone: (614) 466-3524
            Fax: (614) 351-6015

If your training and driving experience are equivalent to Ohio's requirements, a letter will be issued authorizing the necessary testing for an Ohio license.

NOTE: If training received outside of Ohio does not meet Ohio's requirements, the driver education course will be reviewed for possible partial credit.